# Town of North Star

Monthly Meeting
April 19, 2021


Supervisor Gary Mantay called the meeting to order . In attendance were Supervisors Gary Mantay, Dick Dillon, Janet Keough, Treasurer Ray Barnes, Clerk Carrie Landman, Fire Chief Rory Blazevic, Deb Pomroy

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE -- all attendees receipted the pledge


March minutes Dick motion, Gary second, Vote Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye, March minutes approved with changes


Dick motion, Gary second, Vote Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye to approve payroll and claims and transfer of funds approved


Request approval to transfer $3232.61 from savings to checking for checks 8202-8216, 040121, 040221 and 040321. Dick motion


  1. Clerk Q1 reports due in April are completed
    a. 941 2021 Q1 federal tax b. 2021 Q1 MN Unemployment filing

  2. Confirmed Deputy Clerk position with Sue Forbragd

  3. Return to in-person monthly meeting posting -- attached

  4. MATIT: American Rescue Plan Act Information
    a. American Rescue Plan Act Information (opens new window)

    b. The $350 million will be distributed based on population share, the amount per township will not exceed 75% of the township's budget.
    i. North Star 0.02% but not to exceed 75% of township budget
    ii. The total disbursement will be split in half. The first half will be sent 60 days after March 11th. The State will distribute funding 30 days after reception; however, the manner is not yet known, and information on much of spending, totals, and timelines are not certain yet. States may extend the dissemination up to 120 days. The second half distributed 12 months after the first distribution.
    iii. See posting and Act on the MATIT website for more information on how funds can be allocated
    iv. $300 million for assistance to firefighter grants

    c. Jan -- need more information and clarity on what type of costs are reimbursed. The timeframe is March 2021 through December 2024. Rory confirmed that turnout gear is not covered under CARES act/funding. We should continue to watch the MAT website for more information.


  1. 2021 Assessment affecting Taxes Payable in 2022 meeting -- POSTING on 5/9/2021
    a. Led by St Louis County: Joe Odell & Jon Osterberg
    b. Your jurisdiction's appellants can meet directly with Joe or Jon on 5/19/2021 by telephone 218-733-2905 between 3-4 pm. Unlike with an LBAE meeting, if they miss appealing at their open book meeting, they can still appeal to the County Board.

  2. Social Security Administration a. Discrepancy quarterly filing (941) and 2019 W2/W3 1. 941 forms and W2 and W3's have to be reviewed and corrections submitted 2. I retrieved the 941 forms but couldn't find the 2019 W2's and W3 3. Have to fax a request to SS office to get copies -- 6/8 weeks

  3. ISD 709 Duluth Public School 2021 general election: absentee ballot processing delagated to the City of Duluth for Townships of Gnesen, Lakewood, Normanna, North Star and City of Rice Lake.


Rory reported a mutual aid and medical call (standby). The firefighters are back to training and training on the new truck. Next meeting is April 21. Rory is working with the DNR and as a reminder that people need to have a burning permit.


Dick has nothing new to report


Jan reports everything is going well. WLSSD requested an extra key for the recycling center for the company that picks up the films.


Rory started grading Barrs Lake Rd on 4/19/2021. The roads are wet and bumpy and the frost isn't out of the ground yet.


Carrie has nothing new


Enewsletter update: Carrie started creating an enewsletter template using SendinBlue service. Ideas for enewsletter: Annual meeting, Election results, resume in-person meetings, volunteer firefighter recognition/old photo include names of individuals, Jan/broadband, Weed inspector posting, burning permits/Dick Dillon is the Fire Warden, Fire Department pancake breakfast postponed until Fall. Target date 5/12/2021


  1. 2020 receipts for Annual meeting -- attached. Carrie to review Ray for one time receipts and explanations and bringing
  2. Update on DS200 -- manuals and account exec. Carrie to review documentation/ask for additional training.
  3. March 2021 Reorg -- motion/approval postponed until the May 2021 meeting


Gary has a request from North Star East Common Community to use the Town Hall for May 8th for annual meeting start at 9:00 am and all rules will be filed. This is informational only.


W2's for 2019 to Hall, Jan/Dick burning permits, Jan weed inspector job posting, Carrie to create and send enewsletter before May meeting and try to resolve discrepancy in the Social Security filing.


NEXT MEETING May 17, 2021 at 6:30 pm -- Town Hall


Dick makes a motion to adjourn, Gary second. Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.

Respectively submitted,
Carrie Landman
Town Clerk