# Town of North Star

Monthly Meeting December 21, 2020


Supervisor Janet Keough extended a welcome to Towanna Rovenko, our incoming Treasurer, and called the meeting to order. In attendance: Supervisors Janet Keough, Gary Mantay, Dick Dillon, Treasurers Ray Barnes and Towanna Rovenko, Rod Saline, Deb Pomroy, Rory Blazevic, Town Clerks Linda Britton and Carrie Landman



Janet Keough asked if there were changes to the November 2020 minutes. Linda Britton requested removal of comments from Deb Pomroy as the revised minutes were sent in August. Janet Keough requested the duplicate word 'appointment' be removed. Dick Dillon requested the addition of Jan/Feb 2020 to the plowing that Bryan Perrault was paid for in November 2020. Gary Mantay made a motion to accept the minutes, Dick Dillon seconds, voice vote, Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Janet Keough aye. November 2020 minutes are approved.

TRANSFER - December disbursements total $4,680.44 -- checks 8139 -- 8154, 120120, 120220.

Dick Dillon makes a motion to approve the transfer of $4,680.44 for the December disbursements and payroll, Gary Mantay second the motion. Voice vote to approve motion, s Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Janet Keough aye. Motion is approved.


Linda Britton will be doing the W2's the first week in January. Ray confirms both November and December have to be signed. Ray to leave in the /Clerk folders in the Town Hall for signature and will notify the Supervisors

Linda Britton reports that Carrie Landman's training is going well. Both Clerks report January will be a busy month with quarterly reports/disbursements.

  • Carrie Landman reports the 2020/2021 snowplowing contracts have been signed and received.

  • March Elections: Carrie Landman reports the election postings have been put on the three message boards.

  • Carrie Landman requests board approval for three additional MAT election webinars. Total cost $75.00. Gary Mantay makes a motion to approve MAT training. Dick Dillon seconds the motion. Voice vote, Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Janet Keough aye. Motion for MAT training approved.

  • Clerk Carrie Landman requests s review and make a motion to approve the Resolution for election meeting place -- North Star Town Hall which is to be sent to the County Auditor by 12/25/2020. Dick Dillon makes a motion to adopt the resolution, Gary Mantay seconds the motion. It was declared adopted upon the following voice vote 3 yea, 0 nay

  • March 2021 election, Dick Dillon confirms he will run again and will meet with Carrie Landman to fill out paper work and provide filing fee.

  • Fireproof storage cabinet to preserve the monthly meeting minutes as the materials have outgrown the current storage. Cost ranges from: $250 used -- and up. Dick Dillon recommends the cost-effective option of a fireproof gun safe and Linda Britton agrees. Janet Keough sees value in a file cabinet and organized filing and is not sure whether the fireproof gun safe provides that. Dick Dillon makes a motion to table it, more information on the fireproof gun safe from Menard's. Gary Mantay seconds the motion. Voice vote Gary aye, Dick aye, Janet aye.

  • Janet Keough requests setting a date for the 2020 Audit Meeting with limited attendance due to COVID19 restrictions. Janet Keough suggests January 27, 2021 at 6:30 pm at the hall. Attending the meeting will be Janet Keough, Dick Dillon, Ray Barnes, Towanna Rovenko and Linda Britton and Carrie Landman. Ray Barnes confirmed that he will bring all receipts and bills.

  • February 8th 6:30 is the date for the 2022 Budget meeting with Janet Keough, Gary Mantay, Dick Dillon, Ray Barnes, Towanna Rovenko and Carrie Landman.

  • MN Department of Revenue -Board of Appeal and Equalization online training (opens new window). Gary Mantay is eligible for February 2021 training but will not attend as St Louis County is handling in 2020. Linda Britton confirmed that all three Supervisors will do the training in February 2022.

  • Ray Barnes confirmed that Towanna Rovenko needs to take the MAT online training. Gary Mantay makes a motion to pay for training, Dick Dillon seconds the motion s Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Jan Keough aye. Motion is approved for Towanna to take training.

  • Janet Keough and Ray Barnes, received the October, November, December tax from the County and it will show up in the Receipts in January 2021.


none at this time


Fire Chief Rory Blazevic reported one medical call this month. The fire department will spend some of the grant money on three sets of turnout gear. One member will be attending Firefighter 1 and 2 training at Lake Superior College as soon as the class is filled.


Dick Dillon reports that Linda Britton alerted him to an expired battery on the furnace thermostat. Dick will work out a schedule to change the battery.


Janet Keough attended a WLSSD virtual meeting in December. Janet Keough requested the annual recycling costs by the end of January so she can submit to WLSSD.


Gary Mantay reports the roads are still white, still slippery!


December stats:

  • 62 users (58 new users).
  • 44 users from the United States.
  • 18 users from Duluth Area.
  • Average session duration 1 minute 50 seconds.

Mike Siers will work to update the township financial information and train Carrie in the next month and Carrie will work with Ray on the type of report Mike needs. In addition, the meeting minutes are current on the website and the job postings for clerk/ have been removed.


Carrie Landman reports the newsletter and email sign up form will be mailed on 12/22/2020. Janet Keough confirms the email sign up form will also be at the recycle center. Incoming Towanna Rovenko suggests a printed newsletter still be available for residents without Internet access. Janet Keough suggests posting future newsletters on the three Township message boards.


Carrie Landman will provide update on Cloud based storage options for the January meeting

Gary Mantay has a quote from Todd Signs to replace the plastic rivets on the Town Hall sign. The cost is $925 to take it down, replace the plastic rivets with stainless steel screws and put the sign back up. It would take roughly a week to complete and can be done as soon as the beginning of the year. Dick Dillon makes a motion to approve the cost to update the sign, Gary Mantay seconds it. Voice vote Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Janet Keough aye. Motion approved. Gary Mantay will call and schedule.


Linda Britton suggests Supervisors review the MAT website for valuable information about the Annual Meeting in March 2020. Discussion about options for in-person and absentee voting. Possibility to make a motion to adjourn the Annual Meeting to June/July when the meeting can be outside. Linda Britton confirms the deadline for the Levy reporting is August. Linda Britton confirms that it is August. Linda Britton says we have to keep the posting date in mind. Dick Dillon let Carrie Landman know that there are large posting signs in the Hall that he generally puts up 10 days before the meeting.


Linda Britton will be completing the 2020 W2's the first. Carrie Landman & Towanna Rovenko to complete MAT training, Gary Mantay to have the Town Hall sign fixed. Ray Barnes and Towanna Rovenko begin training. Linda Britton, Carrie Landman and Ray Barnes and Towanna Rovenko to meet January 5, 2021 at the Town Hall. Carrie Landman to get more information on the Menard's fireproof gun safe.


NEXT MEETING January 19, 2021 (Tuesday due to 1/18/2021 holiday)


Janet Keough adjourns the meeting at 7:35 pm

Respectively submitted,
Carrie Landman
Town Clerk in training