# Town of North Star

Monthly Meeting November 16,2020


Janet Keough called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm on November 16, 2020 and welcomed everyone. Board members present were Supervisors Janet Keough, Dick Dillon, Gary Mantay, Town Clerks Linda Britton and Carrie Landman and Treasurer Ray Barnes. Also present were Rod Saline, Deb Pomroy and Mike Siers. Supervisor Janet Keough tells the Board there will be a separate Election Canvass meeting upon completion of Board meeting. Clerks Linda Britton and Carrie Landman report as a result of the absentee ballot voting for November elections, no Canvass results or meeting is required per Phil Chapman of St. Louis County.

Those present recited the pledge of allegiance.


Supervisor Janet Keough sent a couple of revisions of the October minutes. Clerk Linda Britton reminds the Board that Clerk Carrie Landman is in training. Dick Dillon suggests change to the Website paragraph -- change to email sign up to website sign up form for Township communication/news. Supervisor Dick Dillon makes a motion to approve the October minutes, Supervisor Gary Mantay seconds the motion. Supervisors Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Janet Keough aye. Motion carried unanimously.

TRANSFER from savings to checking for November disbursements. Clerk Carrie Landman asked Clerk Linda Britton if the Board had the most recent claim list that included the claim for snow plowing from Brian Perrault for $300.00. Clerk Linda did not send the most recent claim list that included Brian Perrault to the Board. Add $300.00 to the claim list for January & February 2020 snow plowing.

$18,370.94 TO PAY MONTHLY DISBURSEMENTS for check number #8128 through #8138 in addition to 110120, 110220.

Motion by Supervisor Gary Mantay to approve the transfer of $18,370.94 from savings to checking for November disbursements, Supervisor Dick Dillon second, Supervisor Jan Keough take a vote, Supervisors Dick Dillon, aye, Gary Mantay aye, Jan Keough aye. Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer Ray Barnes reports that he and Clerk Carrie Landman have an appointment Superior Choice Credit Union on 11/18/2020 at 9 am to add Clerk Carrie Landman to the Township bank accounts. Ray will get paperwork from Superior Choice for Clerk Linda Britton and Supervisors Jan Keough, Dick Dillon and Gary Mantay to sign. These are agreements approving the addition of Clerk Carrie Landman to the accounts.

Clerk Carrie Landman reports she has completed the following training:

  • State Auditor Financial System (CTAS) training -- parallel processing for November with Linda Britton. December bills will be done by Carrie/Linda to review.

  • Completion of five Clerk Webinars hosted by Minnesota Association of Towships (MAT).

  • Download five of sixteen Election training manuals from St Louis County website

  • MAT/State Auditor have both been notified of the transition as well as PERA. Clerk Linda Britton has also notified St Louis County.

    • Clerk Carrie Landman to reach out to both MAT and State Auditor on 2/1/2020 to confirm Clerk position has transferred to her.

Clerks Carrie Landman and Linda Britton report the following Clerk training to be completed by 1/31/2021:

  • Workers comp report/W2 -- done in January

  • Annual meeting training

  • Audit meeting -- Clerk Carrie Landman to shadow Linda/Ray as they close out the 2020 books

  • Election Training

    • Carrie Landman to complete review of St Louis County election manuals prior to January
  • Linda Britton has the form for the transfer of the credit card from her to Clerk Carrie Landman

  • Printer

  • Clerk Linda Britton suggests that her printer be given to Clerk Carrie Landman in January 2021.

  • MAT Annual Conference -- Clerk free seminar on 11/20/2020. Linda to attend to ensure she has covered all aspects of new clerk training.

Other Clerk suggestions:

Clerk Carrie Landman suggests a new, larger fireproof cabinet to store the North Star Township minutes and other archive/legal documents per MAT Clerk Webinar training.

Dick Dillon requests that Clerks Carrie and Linda bring examples and cost of cabinet required for storage to the December meeting.

Clerk Carrie Landman suggests potential for Cloud based BOX storage to archive various Township documents. Supervisor Janet Keough confirms the idea of Cloud based storage access for Board members. Mike Siers suggests the current private email server might have the ability to store and share documents electronically.

Supervisor Janet Keough suggests research on pros/cons of a Cloud based storage solution and the costs. Carrie Landman to research for December 2020 meeting.

Clerks Carrie Landman and Linda Britton notify the Board they are waiting for the March 2021 Election packets from St. Louis County for the Township elections. Clerk Linda Britton confirms no action is required regarding the Designated Polling Place email memo from MAT.


No correspondence


Assistant Fire Chief/Supervisor Gary Mantay reported three calls for the fire department: 1.) mutual aid to City of Rice Lake for a garage fire. 3 -- 4 people responded. 2.) A local hunter fell from his deer stand. 3.) Mutual aid to Pequaywan Township for medical assistance.

  • CARES funding -- Linda Britton went to a County meeting and the CARES funding is not for turnout gear.


Supervisor Dick Dillon reported the last bill from Brian Perrault included a future raise in fee from $60.00 per time to $80.00. Supervisor Dick Dillon thought the increase was excessive and sought other options. Jimmy Taft, together with two backups, has offered to plow the NS Township lot for a fee of $60.00 per time. Gary Mantay makes a motion for Jimmy Taft and crew to take over lot plowing. Supervisor Jan Keough seconds the motion. Supervisor Dick Dillon aye, Supervisor Gary Mantay aye, Supervisor Jan Keough aye. Motion passed unanimously. Clerks Linda Britton and Carrie Landman to update the plowing contract for Jimmy Taft and crew.

Clerk Carrie Landman requests new plastic rivets in the Sign Board as the lettering falls through. Supervisor Gary Mantay advises that the plastic rivets will break when installed in cold weather. Supervisor Jan Keough tells the Board that when her, Gary and Carrie were taking pictures of the fire truck they discussed other options for signage. Supervisor Gary Mantay will contact Todd Signs for suggestion. There is a potential need to replace the current sign board in 2021.


Supervisor Jan Keough has nothing to report. Everything going well.


Supervisor Gary Mantay reports the roads are white and slippery.

Clerk Linda Britton tells the Board that there is an article in the most recent issue of MAT regarding funding for Ten Ton Roads. Supervisor Gary Mantay is unsure of the tonnage of the current road but will research.


Mike Siers will continue working on the website and reports 33 visitors to the website in October. Clerk Linda Britton will send missing minutes to Mike Siers and he'll post them to www.northstartownship.org (opens new window) in addition to sending instructions to Clerk Carrie Landman.

Mike Siers requests an updated version of the financial Excel spreadsheet from Treasurer Ray Barnes sent several months ago to update the financials. Rod Saline asks that the Annual Budget be reported on the website for all phases of Township operations. Treasurer Ray Barnes said the new report that he sends out includes all the budget information by month and what remains after expenditures. Supervisor Jan Keough requests a table that shows the 2020 and 2021 budget comparison. Ray reports that the State Auditor Financial Reporting system (CTAS) has a report that has this information but Supervisor Jan Keough suggests a summary report rather than detail. Clerks Linda Britton/Carrie Landman and Treasurer Ray Barnes to review.

Clerk Carrie Landman created an email sign up form to be posted on the Township website. The sign-up form will enable residents and others to provide their email address to receive future township news. Email address will not be sold or given to any third parties. Rod Saline inquires if there is a benefit to giving community members who visit recycling a paper sign up form.

Supervisor Jan Keough asks Supervisors Dick Dillon and Gary Manty if they object to posting the sign-up form on the website. No objections. Clerk Carrie Landman and Mike Siers to add the sign-up form to the website by December meeting.


At the request of Supervisor Janet Keough, Clerk Carrie Landman is working on the final 'paper' newsletter to be mailed to residents in December, target date to be determined. December newsletter to include:

  • Fire truck pictures
  • New Township Staff
  • March 2021 Elections
  • Other topics from the board, Fire Chief Rory Blazevic and resident Rod Saline
    • Road update
    • Recycling
    • Annual 2020/2021 Budget Summary


Supervisor Janet Keough reports they received an application for the open Treasurer position. The Supervisors were impressed with the candidate who has an MBA and who currently works for Century Link. She's eager to work for the Township. Treasurer Ray Barnes confirms that local resident Jennifer is not interested in the Treasurer position.

Supervisor Dick Dillon makes a motion to offer Towanna Rovenko the Treasurer elect position which includes the purchase of a new printer, adding her to the accounts at Superior Choice Credit Union and transition of Clerk Linda Britton's laptop after Linda retires on 1/31/2021. Supervisor Gary Mantay seconds the motion. Supervisors Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, and Janet Keough aye. Motion passed unanimously.

Supervisor Janet Keough to call Townanna Rovenko and offer her the position.


See attached [NS Weed Survey.docx]{.ul} from Weed Inspector Deb Pomroy

Any questions on the Weed Survey?

Photos are on www.eddmaps.org (opens new window) Minnesota/St Louis County and you can enter the Latin name or the Record ID -- Deb Pomroy will send Carrie Landman the Record ID. See attached [eddmaps.recordid.docx]{.ul}

Supervisor Dick Dillon asks Deb if she knows of anyone who may want to take her place. Clerk Linda Britton confirms if there is no replacement, one of the Supervisors will have to assume the responsibilities. Continue the job search.


Janet Keough

  • Offer the Treasurer elect position to Towanna Rovenko

Dick Dillon

  • Contract to new plowing crew

Gary Mantay

  • Contact Todd Signs
  • Ten-ton road bonding

Linda Britton/Carrie Landman/Ray Barnes

  • Continued clerk transition
  • Snowplowing contracts
  • 2020/2021 Budget Summary
  • March Elections
  • Fireproof storage cabinet
  • Cloud based BOX storage pros/cons/cost
  • Sign-up form added to Web
  • Newsletter updates


NEXT MEETING December 21, 2020


Supervisor Jan Keough makes a motion to adjourn, Supervisor Gary Mantay seconds the motion. Supervisors Dick Dillon aye, Gary Mantay aye, Janet Keough aye. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Carrie Landman
Town Clerk in training