# Town of North Star

Monthly Meeting September 21, 2020


Janet Keough called the meeting to order at 6:29 pm on September 21, 2020 via teleconferencing. Board members present were supervisors Janet Keough, Gary Mantay, and Dick Dillon, treasurer Ray Barnes, clerk Linda Britton and guests Rod Saline and Mike Siers. Those present repeated the pledge to the flag.


Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to approve the August minutes as presented. Motion carried. Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to transfer $88,786.61 which includes the truck payment. Motion carried. Motion by Gary Mantay, second by Dick Dillon to approve the claims as presented. Motion approved by Janet Keough yea, Dick Dillon yea, and Gary Mantay yea. Check numbers 8097 to 8107 for a total of $88,786.61 were issued to pay the monthly disbursements. Receipts totaling $205.40 were received and disbursements totaling $88,786.61 paid leaving a bank statement balance of $101,634.54 on September 30, 2020.


Clerk Linda Britton reports she submitted the resolution to the county election department for mail balloting and has submitted a claim for Covid 19 totaling $360.00 to the county.


The MAT District 10 meeting will be held on zoom later this month. A letter from St. Louis County was received informing the board of the failure of a variance applied for by Greg Ostrowski due to non-compliant requirements that were not done.


Assistant Chief Gary Mantay reports that the new truck is here and was put into service on last Saturday when the equipment was transferred from the old truck to the new truck. The department will be starting training on the truck this month. A grant was received from Co-op Light and power for $2,500 to purchase turnout gear. The cost of full turnout gear per fire firefighter is about $4,000. Jeff Suronen has joined the department.


Dick Dillon reports Knight Electric has moved the generator and the bill is $1,006.00.


The trimming of trees on East and West Briar Lake Drive is completed with the company removing all trees and brush that were cut down.


Janet Keough reports all is fine with recycling.


Mike Siers reports he is able to see how many are using the site. He reports nine have used it so far and we need to encourage residents to use the site. Mike put in the information about the November election and will start putting in the financial information that Ray submits to him.


Rod Saline reports he is pleased with the final recommendations that the board has given him and now the board will start going through them and implement them. Much thanks to everyone for working on it. Rod suggests putting on our town sign to check out the website.


Janet Keough reports the supervisors got together with Carrie Landman who is interested in the clerk position.
Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to offer the job to Carrie Landman with pay being $225 per meeting with up to 5 hours allowed for work after the meeting and any more hours after that amount paying $15 per hour. Motion carried. The work on the website will be decided on at a later date. Janet Keough reports Ray Barnes will train the new clerk on the CTAS program and Linda Britton will train the new clerk on elections.


Janet will contact the person interested in the clerk position. The only calendar update is the next board meeting will be October 19 at 6:30 pm via teleconference.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Britton