# Town of North Star

Monthly Meeting August 17, 2020


Chair Janet Keough called the monthly meeting to order at 6:30 pm via teleconference on August 17, 2020. Board members present were supervisors Janet Keough, Dick Dillon, and Gary Mantay, treasurer Ray Barnes, and clerk Linda Britton. Also present were guests Rory Blazevic, Rod Saline, Deborah Pomroy, and Mike Siers. Those present repeated the pledge to the flag.


Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to approve the July minutes. Motion carried.

Motion by Janet Keough, second by Gary Mantay to transfer $8,845.33 from the money market to checking account to pay bills. Motion carried. Motion by Gary Mantay, second by Janet Keough to approve the paying of disbursements. Motion carried by the vote of Janet Keough yea, Dick Dillon yea, and Gary Mantay yea. Check numbers 8081 to 8096 totaling $8,845.33 were paid. Disbursements totaling $8,845.33 and receipts of $6,030.39 leaving a bank statement of $190,215.75 on August 30, 2020.


Clerk Linda Britton reports her printer is broken. Treasurer Ray Barnes reports he is missing some receipts from last month and if the township is audited the amounts will be paid by whomever charged the item.


Clerk Linda Britton reports the only mail was a letter informing the board of the District 10 meeting via zoom on August 27 at 6 pm.


Chief Rory Blazevic reports no calls in the past month. Rory reports the new truck should be here within the next two weeks. Rory has applied for grants to purchase turnout gear from CLP and Agstar.


Dick Dillon reports he spoke to Knight Electric and they will move the generator before winter.


Gary Mantay reports he spoke to Wright Tree Service and has a quote for brushing on East and West Briar Lake Drive at $2,500 per day for two days. Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Janet Keough to approve hiring Wright Tree Service to do the work. Motion carried.


Janet Keough reports all is going well with the shed.


Mike Siers reports there is no way to have a link from the personal emails to the township e-mail. Mike reports there is a way to count how many people are taking the time to visit the site.

Dick Dillon reports he received an email from a resident questioning what the speed limit is on Barrs and Briar Lake roads. Dick informed the caller that the speed is 30 since it is not posted. Dick will send a thank you card to the person who emailed him.

The board decided to only put the minutes from 2020 on the web but if someone wants other minutes they should email the clerk.


Rod Saline reports other people in the township have offered to work on the web site. Dick Dillon made a motion seconded by Gary Mantay to approve recommendations 10 and 11. Motion carried.

Rory reports he likes recommendation 12 for the fire department. He recommends that recruitment of volunteers to serve on the department must be sure they have the time to attend the meetings and training each month. There is a need to explain the training required and who pays for this and also inform them of the benefit of the relief association.

Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to approve recommendation 12 with the addition of Rory's comments. Motion carried.


Ray Barnes reports he has a new summary sheet and if the board approves Mike will put the report on the web.

Janet Keough reports she has spoke with someone who is interested in the clerk position so the supervisors will set up a meeting to interview her before the next meeting.


Deborah Pomroy reported that she found a large pile of Chinese Mystery Snails which were dumped near the Lost Lake Tower. Perhaps they were dumped by someone cleaning their beach. It was noted that there are a handful of lakes in NE Minnesota which are infested with CMS.

Deb contacted the MN-DNR in Grand Rapids and was told the best disposal is to bury them.


The only calendar update is the board meeting on September 21 at 6:30pm.


Dick draft a letter to the email person, Gary get road work done, and Jan set up an interview.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Britton, Clerk