# Town of North Star

Monthly meeting May 18, 2020


Chair Janet Keough called the monthly meeting to order at 6:30 pm via teleconference. Board members present were supervisors Janet Keough, Gary Mantay, and Dick Dillon, treasurer Ray Barnes, deputy treasurer Jennifer Maciewski, clerk Linda Britton. Also present was Rod Saline and Mike Siers web heads and Rory Blazavic. Those present repeated the pledge to the flag.


Motion by Gary Mantay, second by Dick Dillon to approve the April board minutes. Motion carried. Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to approve the transfer of $1,977.49 to the checking account to pay the monthly disbursements. Motion carried by Janet Keough yea, Dick Dillon yea, and Gary Mantay yea. Motion carried. Using check numbers 8049 to 8057 for a total of $1,977.49 were paid. There were disbursements totaling $5,395.00 receipts totaling $125.20 leaving a bank statement balance of $161.149.90 on April 30, 2020.


There were no comments.


An email was received from the school board letting the township know there will be a primary election if needed on August 11 and the general election on November 3, 2020.


Chief Rory Blazavic reported the department is not having any activities due to the covid-19 but are responding to calls. There were no calls in the past month. There will be no pancake breakfast this year due to the pandemic but if things go back to a new normal the department will try for a breakfast over Labor Day weekend. There is hope that we will take delivery of the new truck in July and learn all about it. The white truck will not do any pumping so it will be stored until next year and then the decision of what to do with it will be discussed. There is road cleanup and fixing the hydrant at Alden and Spring Lake planned for the near future.


Dick Dillon spoke with Knight Electric about moving the generator and he will get to it when they are able. Dick has not spoken to Tom Kuettel about the roof yet.


Gary Mantay reports the road has been graded and he and Rory are discussing what to do about the culvert on the east side.


Janet Keough reports all is fine with the shed.


Clerk Linda Britton reports she has sent the minutes to Mike Siers.


Rod Saline reports all is going well with the work on having a presentation ready for the June meeting. There will be three separate places on the web site. First will be the town board, second fire department and third the recycling shed. They have recommendations almost set up for the June meeting and will send to everyone beforehand. Rod suggests that help might be needed to get things set up and continued help as the web site becomes used by the township.


Board members discussed the position descriptions Janet sent to everyone. Motion by Dick Dillon second by Gary Mantay to approve the descriptions. Motion carried. Motion by Gary Mantay, second by Dick Dillon for Janet Keough to print copies of the descriptions, buy stamps and envelopes for the mailing. Janet Keough will help Linda Britton get the mailings ready.


Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Janet Keough to approve Gary Mantay to do the mowing at the town hall for this year. Motion carried.


Clerk Linda Britton reports the primary election will be held August 11.


Dick - Knight Electric, Gary - check on lawn mower, Dick and Gary replum gas lines, Jan and Linda - mailing, Linda - election judges for August


Next month's board meeting will be June 15, 6:30 pm via phone.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:03 pm. Respectfully submitted, Linda Britton