# Town of North Star

April 20, 2020


Chair Janet Keough called the monthly meeting to order at 6:30 pm via teleconference, Board members present were supervisors Janet Keough, Dick Dillon, and Gary Mantay, treasurer Ray Barnes, and clerk Linda Britton. Also present were Rod Saline and Mike Siers. Dick Dillon recited the pledge to the flag.


Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to approve the reorganized meeting and the March monthly meeting. Motion carried. Motion by Gary Mantay, second by Dick Dillon to approve the emergency meeting on March 24. Motion carried. Motion by Janet Keough, second by Dick Dillon to approve the emergency meeting on March 27. Motion carried. Motion by Janet Keough, second by Gary Mantay to approve transferring $5,394.96 from the money market account to checking to pay the disbursements. Motion carried by the following votes Janet Keough yea, Dick Dillon yea, and Gary Mantay yea. There were disbursements totaling $5,394.96 paid by check numbers 8037 to 8099. There were disbursements totaling $4,273.87, receipts totaling $121.87 leaving a bank statement balance on April 30, 2020 of $166,419.70.


Clerk Linda Britton reports that effective January 31, 2021 she will be retiring from her clerk position. She will work with her replacement to make certain he/she understands the many jobs required in the duties of clerk as well as the CTAS program. Treasurer Ray Barnes reports due to the quarantine he will not get Jennifer signed up at the bank for check signing. He also found out that if he is unable to sign checks any other board member would be able to sign the checks.


There is no correspondence for the month.


Assistant Fire Chief Gary Mantay reports all training is suspended until the quarantine is lifted but the department will continue responding on calls.


Dick Dillon reports he will be moving the generator sometime this summer. He also will be contacting Tom Kuettle about the roof damage over the town hall door.


Gary Mantay reports the road is drying up nicely and it will be graded in a month or so depending on the weather.


Janet Keough reports all is well with the shed and will be open unless WLSSD closes the shed.


Rod Saline reports the communication committee has met to get ideas on the layout for the web site as a base for communication within the township. There will be a section for the board, fire/ems, and recycling with easy tools to use to provide content on the web site. For now we will put minutes starting January 1 of this year. Board members will discuss what other information will be put on the web at the May board meeting. Rod and Mike would like board members to decide what content they would be responsible for putting on the web. Rod reports there are eight people on the communication committee and have had three meetings so far with more planned to get the program set up. The communication committee still plans to bring a report with recommendations on communications to the June board meeting.


Gary Mantay requested the town hall for the Alden Lake Association annual meeting Saturday May 30th. Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to appoint Janet Keough as the person to set up the notices for hiring a new clerk, new treasurer and new weed inspector. Motion carried. Janet Keough said she will bring draft positions descriptions and a draft advertisement for review and approval to the May board meeting.


Jan duties are to get job postings done and Linda and Ray May minutes and financial.


Next meeting May 16, 6:30 pm.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm. Respectfully submitted, Linda Britton, Clerk