# Town of North Star

February 19, 2020


Chair Dick Dillon called the monthly meeting to order on February 19, 2020 at 6:30 pm at the North Star Town hall. Board members present were supervisors Dick Dillon, Janet Keough, and Gary Mantay, treasurer Ray Barnes, clerk Linda Britton and guests Marv and Sue Forbragd, Bill Taft, and Jennifer Maciewski. All those present repeated the pledge to the flag.


Motion by Gary Mantay, second by Janet Keough to approve the minutes from the January monthly meeting and the audit meeting. Motion carried. Motion by Janet Keough, second by Gary Mantay to approve the transfer of $4,480.42 from the money market to the checking account to pay the monthly disbursements. Motion carried by vote of Janet Keough yea, Gary Mantay yea, and Dick Dillon yea. Receipts of $772.90 were received and disbursements totaling $6,951.17 were paid leaving a checkbook balance of $173,701.98. Check numbers 8006 to 8023 for a total $6,951.17 were paid.


A statement was received from Superior Choice listing a total of $1,418.69 interest received.


Assistant fire chief Gary Mantay reports the department responded to a call on Monday night. The grants are open and the department is working on grants to be submitted. The department officers are the same as last year.


Dick Dillon reported Mark Maciewski came and pushed the snow banks around the building back and it looks very good. Dick Dillon will speak to him about doing the plowing at the town hall for next year.


Janet Keough reports she has sent the operating grant to WLSSD.


Gary Mantay reports the road has hard snow banks and is slippery and white.


Janet Keough reports CLP did not receive the grant but are already preparing to submit for the next round of grants. Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to have Clerk Linda Britton prepare a sign to put on the doors so everyone coming in the door will watch for falling ice. Motion carried.


Clerk Linda Britton found out the board needs an absentee ballot board to inspect and approve absentee ballots before any information can be released to the public. Motion by Dick Dillon, second by Gary Mantay to approve resolution #01-20 appointment of the 2020 absentee ballot board. Motion carried.


Linda to make and post the warning sign about the ice.


Upcoming events are the budget meeting on February 24 at 6 pm, Presidential Primary election March 3 from 7 am to 8 pm, annual election and meeting March 10 and March meeting March 16, 6:30 pm.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7pm. Respectfully submitted, Linda Britton, clerk